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Our bench of seasoned coordinators & managers will work with your team to lay the foundation of your plans and ensure your goals are clear and attainable while they manage and execute the day-to-day requirements. Our staff is trusted, professional and fluent in many languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, and French.  

Sales Representation

Acting as an extension of your salesforce, we will work on your behalf in all facets of business development & sales management. This is a great option for established companies looking to expand their business in a specified market. 

Retail marketing

Being fluent in several of key global marketplaces, we would provide detailed and specific direction for retail marketing activities in a specified market. We would handle all budgeting, procurement and management activities under your supervision. 

Wholesale development

In certain specific markets, distributors are key to a business' preliminary growth and necessary when developing certain channels. We would support your efforts in sourcing, vetting and qualifying each partner on your behalf and under your supervision. 

Packaging compliance

Many markets require specific packaging guidelines to be compliant with laws in order for goods to be imported and sold. We would support your team in ensuring compliance is met under local laws.